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31 October 2016

Richard Van Ingram


Trump the Woman-Hating Racist, Neo-Nazi, White Trash, Klan Suck-Up.

Has Trump screwed the pooch,finally? It appears he’s screwed everything and everyone else with just as little care.
Yes, this version [link below] has all the “dirty words.” You didn’t care about him summoning up every white trash supremacist piece of shit in the country; you did not care he summoned up every neo-Nazi in America AND Europe; you don’t care he hates Muslims; you do not care he hates Latinos; you do not care he hates black people; you do not care he is the most openly racist candidate since Strom Thurmond, if not more so and casually.

He is an authoritarian.

He is in love with dictators, including Putin.

He has elevated conspiracy “theorists” — liars and mythologists –to high levels in his party.

He has destroyed the RNC and converted it nearly completely into a party of White Nationalism.

Mike Pence, the ultra right-wing Conservative Evangelical theocrat, pretends he doesn’t say or do things that are on video and taped — probably so he can run next go ’round, being as opportunistic as Trump. And you were STILL going to vote for this shithead.

But “dirty words” and obvious misogyny — as if we haven’t seen 16 tons of misogyny out of him for 40 years — that’s going to be the “last straw”? I doubt it. I don’t have that much faith in humanity or “white” Americans, to be honest or them who suck up to them.

He’ll fake an apology and you’ll say, “but Bill Clinton” — as if Bill Clinton is up for office in this election, and you’ll say “Hillary is horrible” — as if that’s not the outcome of 35 years of right-wing propaganda mixed with Hillary’s occasional fuck-up… even though, morally and in terms of character and judgment, she’s STILL a paragon of virtue and intelligence when compared with the bully boy in the 70 year-old body.

I hope he doesn’t drop out. I hope he and your worthless white trash party loses, goes on the junk-heap of history, and you conservatives come to your senses. Reform your party. Purge the Tea Party, the nihilists, the Nazis, and go back pre-Goldwater and start all over looking to Eisenhower for something like guidance. Or maybe Lincoln, but, of course, he’s too damn liberal for you, so let’s take it slow.

7 October 2016

Richard Van Ingram



You have asked for forgiveness and I will assume your intentions are adequate if not pure; we are human and humans are not perfect, neither you nor me.

You are forgiven. I bear you no malice. I never did and I forgave you weeks ago. As for reconciliation, there can be none between us, It is not required and I see nothing beneficial for myself or my family, for whom I am responsible, coming from that — just the opposite. So, formally, aloud, I forgive you and take full responsibility for my role in the wrong, and I am deeply sorry for it and for playing a role in the confusion.

Yes, I am working to convert, to become a Jew and, no, I will never be good at it and yes, I will always in some sense be between two worlds. I will never be “Jewish enough.” But I can try and I do so.

You will see this as a) my FB account is public and b) you use other accounts to read my page. While this is odd if not manipulative, I forgive that, too. This will also appear on my essay page which you have referenced, so I know it is read.  I have nothing bad to say about you or your work and will not. It is admirable. So, there will be no point in further letters or emails. I say what I say and attempt to mean what I mean given what I am shown as reality. I will have nothing more to say about the matter to anyone. It is as if it never happened with the exception of the fact I cannot risk reconciliation. HaShem understands my history and limits and that is good enough.

So go your way and be at peace. I wish you well, good health, and continued success. Shanah Tovah Umetukah.

Richard Van Ingram

A short summary of the rabbinical teachings I am following is quoted below and was written by Aron Hirt-Manheimer based on the writings of Dr. Solomon Schimmel:

“What does Judaism teach us about how to seek forgiveness from someone we have wronged?

“First, we must recognize we’ve wronged another human being. Second, we should try, whenever possible, to apologize to the person whom we’ve injured. It is not enough to apologize with words, because words can be cheap. It’s very important that the apology also includes, where possible, actions of reparation (repairing the hurt) and restitution (restoring the situation to where it was before the misdeed). For example, if we have caused financial loss, we have to be willing to pay compensation.

“The highest form of repentance requires a fundamental transformation of one’s values and behavior. For example, a person who has lived his or her life narcissistically may need to realize there is more to life than just satisfying the self. He or she may then resolve to focus on helping others. In Judaism, we refer to a shift of such magnitude as t’shuvah, literally a returning to Jewish values.

“What if, after all this, the victim still refuses to forgive?

“Then you have the right to say, “I’ve done everything I can. I don’t have to go on with this guilt. I feel bad that the victim is not forgiving me, but there is nothing more that I can do. I forgive myself.” In such cases, the process of self-forgiveness is very therapeutic.

“Can there be forgiveness without reconciliation?

“You can forgive somebody and not want to be reconciled. For example, if you’ve been in an abusive marriage, you might take pity on your abusive partner and be willing to forgive, but not necessarily want to continue living with that person.

“Is there a prescribed period of penitence on the Jewish calendar?

“Our tradition specifies that we do t’shuvah during the 10 days between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, but not only on those days. We are supposed to be engaged in this process every day, every minute, asking ourselves, “How can I improve myself?”

“This teaching is reflected in the rabbinic aphorism: “One should always repent the day before one dies.” Not knowing when that will be, we are obliged to repent every day.”

3 October 2016

Richard Van Ingram