Your President – Not Mine


Trump, President of the Invisible Empire of the KKK
Trump, President of the Invisible Empire of the KKK

Trump, President of the Invisible Empire of the KKK

It’s not his mental fitness, people. It’s his MORAL fitness that is at issue.

He is evil, filled with hate, greed, racism, prejudice, stupidity – and is satisfied with it.

Worse: The Republican Party put him in power and praises him and supports him.

Worse still: A great number of US citizens voted for him – because he is a mirror of their own shameful prejudices, their hidden – and not so hidden – hatred and nihilism.

Someone argued with me, when I made this, that “you can’t find a picture of him wearing a Klan hood.” No, you can’t. Because it is invisible, but AUDIBLE.
He is the President of the Invisible Empire – how the KKK always refers to itself. It is an empire of idiotic, monstrous beliefs, beliefs that aim to murder and enslave and diminish and declare other humans different than pale & “Christian” &”straight” to be “not human.” Other. Disposable.

This is proto-Nazism. Fascism. White trash supremacy. Trump is NOT my president; and those who keep him in power or put him there are a menace to humanity, truth, justice, mercy, and all good things that make life worth living.

I am a stranger in a strange land. I always have been, but this land has become even stranger over my lifetime. This is not my country – I am, as Diogenes said, “Kosmopolites”: a citizen of the world.

No man or woman is foreign to me. It is “we,” not “I” and certainly not “us.” “We,” in our beautiful variety.

But not in this hatred, this fragmentation, Balkanization, tribalism.

That, I will have nothing to do with.
Nothing. To that sort of person, I am a stranger, indeed, and unwelcome in “their” land. By their choice, I am their enemy. Proudly, I am the enemy of any rejection of my brothers and sisters who are perfectly fine as they are, on their paths, working out their divine destinies in their own ways.

I am a stranger in a strange land. I carry my home within me. I break bread with anyone who seeks justice and true peace.

But I would rather eat my crust alone in a hovel than feast in a palace where injustice is worshiped and meaningless, valueless things are declared, selfishly, more valuable than any sacred human being.

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12 January 2018

Richard Van Ingram



2 thoughts on “Your President – Not Mine”

  1. Succinct, bang-on. If it leaves out anything, it is that many of our presidents have been quietly, covertly, or privately racist. They said the jokes with their cronies, didn’t do the correct thing, make the right decision, when given the opportunity.
    I suspect that there is a real problem inside the mind of NMP (not my president) – where he is actually subconsciously attempting to undermine his own presidency, while believing that he is a powerful man in a powerful position and boy, howdy, isn’t he fantastic at it!

    1. Thank you for reading.
      You are absolutely right about the ubiquity of racist beliefs among presidents – and the citizens of the USA for the whole of our history. Very poor science and cultural assumptions, myths, religions, fictions fed that and reinforced that for too long. After WWII we began to awaken to another, better, more true interpretation, and the Civil Rights movement forced eyes – and law – open further. Not far enough. The old prejudices and tribalist narratives remained and now are resurging as a general faith in truths that unite us fails.
      As for NMP – I’ve no notion he has clear plans or any understanding of his own motives, impulses. Nor do I care, really — it’s the effect of his choices that matter now, not why he chooses. The effects — well, we will all suffer for them for — who knows, or how?

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